Dear Friend in Christ,

Because of COVID-19, we had to temporarily close our doors and cancel events. As a result, we’re facing a funding shortage that will have dire consequences on the Shrine, on our ability to spread devotion to Mary and her Miraculous Medal, and on the charitable works of the Vincentians of the Eastern Province to assist the poorest of the poor — who are even more in need than before.

Until recently, I wasn’t sure how we would manage. But the Lord blessed us with an amazing opportunity!

Generous friends have stepped up to help us through this tough time with a $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge.

Because of this incredibly generous match, any gift you send today will be DOUBLED up to $100,000 — doing twice as much good for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. You can put $200,000 to work for the glory of God right away.

YES, Father Carroll, I understand my gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 if I respond by October 7th Deadline extended to Oct.8th! — the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. And I realize meeting this challenge will put a total of $200,000 to work right away — bringing Our Lady’s healing graces to our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. I am rushing you my tax-deductible donation today:

You will be redirected to our secure online donation processing page to complete your donation.

Your generous gift of $35 will be worth $70 … your gift of $50 will do the work of $100 … and your donation of $100 will be matched to make your gift worth $200.

But that’s only IF we meet this Challenge by the deadline: October 8th!

So I pray you’re once again able to help our brothers and sisters who urgently need Our Lady’s healing graces in their lives by rushing back your donation today.

We’ve already had to make significant cuts to some of our programs — cuts that hinder our ability to share Our Lady’s Miraculous Medal and God’s love with others — and I’m hopeful this emergency Matching Gift Challenge means we won’t have to scale back any more.

As we look around at what our neighbors are going through, and even what our own families are going through, it’s clear there is so much pain being carried in people’s hearts. So many people still don’t know about our Blessed Mother and her message of help and hope!

They feel alone in their worry and sadness. If only they knew Our Lady was waiting to dry their tears and work miracles in their lives.

Mary asks all of us to spread devotion to her Miraculous Medal to the entire world. Your generous gift today will help us answer Our Lady’s call.

With your special gift today, you will also provide steady funding for our poorest and most vulnerable neighbors. Our programs are currently experiencing a shortfall, which puts at-risk communities — the sick, the elderly, and our aging priests — in jeopardy.

As a Member of Mary’s Family, as a devout Catholic with unwavering faith in her Miraculous Medal, will you please help us during this funding crisis?

We are relying on you to help us spread devotion to Mary worldwide and shine her light and love in dark places.

And your generosity will have double the impact if we successfully meet our $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge by October 8th! So please, let me hear back from you right away.

Be assured of my prayers and those of all the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers. May God bless you always.

Gratefully Yours in Mary Immaculate,
Fr. Michael J. Carroll, CM
Director, Miraculous Medal Shrine
Spiritual Director, Central Association of the Miraculous Medal
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