Dear Friend in Christ,

Because you are a cherished Member of Mary’s Miraculous Medal Family, I sent you three very special Christmas Spiritual Benefit Cards so you can give your loved ones the gift of daily prayer for an entire year beginning on Christmas Day.

Sharing such an incredible gift with your friends and family — the gift of prayer in our daily Mass and the undying graces, blessed intercessions, and love from Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the mother of our Lord and Savior — has the power to transform someone’s life.

My Dear Friend in Christ, to blanket your loved ones in 365 days of prayer at Mary’s Miraculous Medal Shrine:

(1) Simply write their names on the My Gift of Christmas Prayer Enrollment Form and use the postage-paid envelope provided to return it to me today.

(2) Send the enclosed Christmas Spiritual Benefit Cards to those you’ve enrolled to let them know the Vincentians and Members of Mary’s Miraculous Medal Family will be praying for them during Mass at our Shrine in Philadelphia every day for a year.

(3) And, if you wish to bless more than three people with Mary’s loving graces, just let me know how many more Christmas Spiritual Benefit Cards you would like to receive, and I’ll get them to you in time for Christmas.

YES, Father Lyons, I want to give my loved ones the gift of 365 days of prayer for Christmas. Please remember my loved ones in prayer every day during Mass at Mary’s Shrine from this Christmas until next:

Mary, Our Mother, hears all of our prayers. Her loving intercessions are the gateway to her Son. This Christmas, she will bring you, your loved ones, and your intentions to the Infant Jesus in the manger. There, clothed in His light, she will plead on your behalf. And she’ll continue to do that throughout the year. Now more than ever, we need Mary’s intervention for our families and our world.

Please, don’t delay — send me your Enrollment Form immediately so your loved ones can find peace and happiness from 365 days of uninterrupted prayer at Mary’s Miraculous Medal Shrine.

And can I ask you to please remember the sick, the elderly, the poor, and the disabled who are suffering during these uncertain times when you rush your reply back to me today? We Vincentians provide urgently-needed assistance to the poorest of the poor and those in need, but we rely on help from generous, loving, charitable Catholics like you to do so.

My friend, I’m praying that when you send me your My Gift of Christmas Prayer Enrollment Form, you will include a generous Christmas offering of $25, $50, $100, or more to help our suffering brothers and sisters — and spread devotion to our Blessed Mother.

As you and I prepare to celebrate the virgin birth of our Lord and Savior, may God bless you and the loved ones you have generously decided to gift with 365 days of prayer during Holy Mass at Mary’s Shrine. Be assured of my prayers and those of all the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers.

Gratefully Yours in Mary Immaculate,

Rev. Timothy V. Lyons, C.M.
Director, Miraculous Medal Shrine
Spiritual Director, Central Association of the Miraculous Medal

P.S. My friend in Christ, please do not put this letter aside without first sending me the names of the individuals you are blessing with the gift of 365 days of prayer at Mary’s Shrine by writing their names on the My Christmas Gift Enrollment Form. And I pray you will also rush back a tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, $100, or more to help spread devotion to Our Lady and her Miraculous Medal — and to care for our suffering brothers and sisters during these challenging times.

P.P.S. My dear friend, if you are so blessed to be able to make a Christmas offering of $100 or more, I would like to send you a very special Christmas Ornament that has been touched to a piece of cloth from the actual chair upon which Mary sat when she appeared to St. Catherine Labouré in Paris, France. This ornament will be a reminder that Mary’s powerful intercession will be with you and your loved ones when you call upon Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal with love and confidence. 

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