My Solemn Novena Prayer Intentions

O Mary, conceived without sin,

pray for us who have recourse to thee

Our Lady wants to intercede for us, answer our prayers, and lead us ever closer to her Son ... if only we would come to her! Use the form below to ask Our Blessed Mother for her intercession. Your prayer intentions will remain at Mary’s  Altar during all nine days of our Annual Solemn Novena and on the Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous medal.

Mary, my mother, please pray for me:

Dear Friend in Christ,


I’m praying you can join in the most powerful period of prayer for Mary’s intercession: 


Our Annual Solemn Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.


Starting on November 15, Members of Mary’s Miraculous Medal Family around the world — which you are a part of! — will join in nine days of prayer to our Blessed Mother. As one Family, united by our devotion to Mary, we will bring our needs to the foot of Mary's Altar. 


When you join in prayer with your Miraculous Medal Family, lives are changed! Time and again, people who have prayed this Solemn Novena have experienced the rays of graces coming from Mary’s hands. 


Every day we see that our world is still in great need of prayer. So it’s more important than ever to pray for Mary’s help, Christ’s mercy, and God’s blessings on our families and our world

YES, Father Lyons, I’m sending you my prayer intentions to be placed at Mary’s Altar in the Miraculous Medal Shrine. Please ask Mary to intercede for me during the Solemn Novena. And to support the holy work of the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal and help the Eastern Provence Vincentians serve the poorest of the poor, I’m sending my tax-deductible gift:

You will be redirected to our secure online donation processing page to complete your donation.

That’s why I’m asking you to please allow me to bring your prayer intentions, deepest concerns, and most fervent hopes to Mary’s Altar during our Solemn Novena. I want you to experience the spiritual benefits of Our Lady’s graces in your life.


Please use the form on this page to send me your prayer intentions. I will place them at the altar of Our Blessed Mother — where they will remain for all nine days of the Solemn Novena and on the Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.


Our Solemn Novena theme this year is The Road to God: Walking with Mary and Pope Francis. As we walk along this nine-day journey with Mary, we’ll be joined in spirit by Pope Francis, who will share his tender vision of Mary’s intercession, power, and presence. We’ll see Our Lady as a gift from God who helps us face the challenges in our lives, and we’ll learn how we can better imitate her in our own lives and transform the world around us.    


Never forget: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal came to remind us of God’s love, mercy, and grace. She came to tell us to pray, to trust, and to go to the altar. She came to draw us closer to her Son. 


Our Lady wants to intercede for us, especially in our times of greatest need. So many Members of Mary’s Miraculous Medal Family have shared their stories with us:


“My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma...Several of our friends and relatives joined me in offering our Novena prayers to Mary that the treatments would be successful. Our Lord, through Our Lady’s intercession, answered our prayers! My husband’s latest tests showed no signs of the disease. Thank you to Our Lord and his Blessed Mother for giving my husband a second chance.”


“After praying the Novenas and putting my petition on the prayer line, our son has been granted sole physical custody of our grandson who was being abused by his stepfather. Our heavenly Mother answered my fervent prayers, and I am just so exceedingly grateful. Thank you also, Mother Mary, for the continued remission of my husband’s cancer.”


So please, send your prayer intentions by November 10. I will place them at Mary’s Altar to be remembered during our Annual Solemn Novena.


You can watch the Novena at the Shrine live online at Of course, if you’re able to join us at the Shrine in Philadelphia, your presence would be a blessing!

Finally, if the Lord has blessed you with the ability to do so, when you send your personal prayer intentions, include a special gift of $35, $50, or even $100 or more.


Your generous donation will help fulfill Mary’s request of bringing her Miraculous Medal to the whole world. You will help draw her children closer to Our Lord, Jesus. And your tax-deductible gift will continue to help the poor and vulnerable who rely on the food, shelter, medical care, and other urgent assistance you provide through the Vincentians’ charitable programs. 


Please be assured of my prayers and those of all the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers.


Gratefully yours in Christ and Mary Immaculate,

Rev. Timothy V. Lyons, C.M.
Director, Miraculous Medal Shrine
Spiritual Director, Central Association of the Miraculous Medal

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